TravellTrade offers a unique opportunity to become a travel affiliate and make money in the lucrative travel industry. As a travel affiliate, you will partner with leading travel companies and promote their services under your own brand. Our turnkey automated website solution makes it easy for you to offer travel services online and earn high commission. With our advanced search technology, you can provide your website visitors with access to the best travel prices from hundreds of suppliers, ensuring they find their ideal travel options at the best prices.

Maximize Your Earnings with TravellTrade’s Automated Travel Booking Platform.

Maximize Your Income as a Travel Affiliate with TravellTrade. Get Access to Top Travel Companies and a Ready-to-Use Website to Sell Their Services Online.

Rebrand our Next-Gen Travel Booking Search Engine and Launch Your Own Website. Our PRO Travel Technology and Turnkey Business provides a sleek and appealing site, with a price comparison engine that beats major brands like Kayak. Start your own travel business instantly.

Maximize your earnings with our travel site, which features some of the highest-paying affiliates in the industry. Our site combines pay-per-click and pay-per-booking monetization, so each page on your site has the potential to generate revenue from visitors. Get started with your own branded travel site and start earning now.


You have the choice to earn either Pay Per Click or Pay Per Booking for hotels. For pay per booking option you will be partnered with TavelPayouts as your partner and they pay per booking 50-70% per hotel booked. For pay per click option you can go with Wego and we will set that up for you to earn up $0.10-0.80 per click.


Earn with TravelPayouts partner. You can choose between Pay Per Click or Pay Per Booking for your travel website. Pay Per Click earns you 0.10-0.80 per flight click. Pay Per Booking gives you a 50% commission on the net profit of each flight booking.

Car Rentals

The car rentals partner is economybookings. For car rental bookings made through your travel website, you earn 60% of the net profit per booking. This Pay Per Booking option is only available for car searches.


Earn even more profit with your travel site by adding a online store to sell travel related products, offer travel insurance for more income opportunities and give travelers tour activities options to give their trip an extra spark. You earn money on it all! These extra avenues of monetization make your site even better.

Maximize your earnings and eliminate the hassle of starting from scratch with our successful turnkey travel website model that outshines industry competitors. Unlimited earning potential as you receive revenue from each visitor on your site.

Contact us for step by step instructions on how to make your travel website successful.


Track your earnings with ease using our affiliate account system. Monitor your daily revenue at any time. Once you’ve earned enough, you can receive payment through direct deposit to your bank, check, or PayPal. As a travel affiliate, you’ll receive commission through both pay-per-click and pay-per-sale with our fully automated revenue system. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your online business while the site generates income for you.

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