Make Money Selling Travel Hotel, Flight, Cruises, more!

Earn revenue as a travel affiliate.

Make Money Selling Travel including Hotel, Flight, Cruises, Car Rentals, Vacation Rentals, Vacation Activities, Travel Products and more! And guess what? You dont actually have to do any of the selling. Our website technology sells itself. Let us explain…

This opportunity is one in a lifetime. Be your own boss. Run your own travel business. No experience necessary. Ready to earn money. No thousand dollar budgets required. All you have to do is talk to us and you will have one of the best travel sites currently on the market. Competitive with all major travel companies because it works with them! How does it work?

When someone uses our travel website to search for a travel information they simply fill in their details and boom, hundreds of the lowest priced results come back to them, instantly comparing the major travel providers and bringing back the best deals. This means people save hundreds of dollars booking a trip through our next generation site. And as you know, people love to save money. This is why our travel site technology was a instant hit and makes a better choice to use than to go directly to travel providers. Travlers can be certain they are getting the best deal when using this high end comparison search engine booking site. How do you make money?

Two ways! The travel site is setup to convert using PAY PER CLICK and PAY PER SALE methods. Pay per click is great because you make money even if the person decides not to book through the website. Earn on average $0.30-$2+ per web visitor.

You make earnings everytime people click for example onto a hotel supplier. Not limited to one earning per visitor, keep the profits coming as travelers compare prices and look up information on suppliers. As you know when booking a hotel or a flight it is not uncommon to compare multiple providers until you are satisfied with everything. You keep making money as people compare prices and details.

The second monetization revenue stream with the site is Pay per sale which is fantastic. Someone books a cruise and you earn a percentage on the total cruise package and dont have to do anything? Ya, it doesnt get much better than that. Talk to us for more information on the high paying revenue streams loaded in the business model.

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